Can Steroids Help You Lose Weight?

The moment you think of steroids, you automatically think about these oversized male specimens with their bulking arms and pulsing veins.  They somehow seem too big to be possible and they look heavy.  Really heavy.  It is also no secret that these extreme body builders have to maintain a high level of calorie intake to maintain their body mass.  This is why most people completely discard the idea of using steroids to lose weight.  The right steroid can however help you a lot when it comes to shaking those stubborn pounds because the treatment strengthens your muscles and prevents your body from devouring muscle tissue during workouts and burns fatty tissues instead.

Use steroids to get a toned and skinnier body

Steroids have four main functions in your body and there are different types of steroids for bodybuilding;

Boosts your health – Steroids are often used in the medical field to boost the health of people of all ages because the hormone stimulates healing.

Increases body mass – Steroids are also used to increase your body mass but in a good way.  Your body’s physical structure becomes bigger.

Strengthens muscles – Often when you work out your workout can have a negative affect when your body burns valuable muscles to fuel energy levels but with the use of steroids your muscles will be stimulated and will grow much more rapidly.

Burn fat – When you can’t burn muscle, there is nothing left to burn but fat which is why all of those extreme body builders you see have such fantastically toned bodies that consist mostly of only muscle.

Get the right bodybuilding routine

If your main focus is to lose weight instead of bulking up then you need to find the right bodybuilding routine that will help your body focus on fatty tissue more.  Your bodybuilding routine should combine core workouts with cardio workouts so you will build your muscles and burn fat much faster.  You should also find the right diet that offers enough protein and carbs for good muscle growth but not too much so you don’t end up gaining too much muscle tone.

Why bodybuilding is better than dieting

Having a lean body can be great if being lean is in your genetics but those who have to do extreme dieting to get a lean body have an impossible task ahead of them because when you sacrifice food, you also sacrifice your quality of life and your energy.  You have to constantly say no to all the yummy snacks and you have to stick to skinny salads on restaurant nights or regain all the weight you lost initially. When you are on a low carb diet, you are also on low energy levels which cause depression and make you miss out on all the fun in life simply because you don’t have energy.  With a good cardio and bodybuilding combination along with steroids, you can still enjoy full meals without having to worry about gaining weight since all the weight you gain will go straight to your muscles.  Your energy levels will be spiked and you will look fit, not just skinny.

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