Why a Fit Body Is Better Than a Skinny Body

It is a lot easier to simply go on a diet rather than sweat it out in a gym.  Or is it?  Extreme diets can seep a lot of fun out of life.  You can’t really enjoy restaurants anymore because you have to stick to salads.  There is no way a family member can spoil you with a yummy desert or ice cream.  You miss out on glorious dishes of food simply because you are restricted to counting carbs and to top it off, you probably don’t have energy for anything anymore because being skinny is literally draining the life out of you.  The good news is that you can get skinny and enjoy your meals when you work out while using creatine supplements.


What are creatine supplements?

Creatine is naturally available in food sources such as fish and meat.  Creatine supplements is a sports supplement that has been extremely popular for a long time because they help you build strong muscles and boost your general sports performance naturally.  The supplements come in different forms of powder and capsules and there is a very large variety of products on the market.

What creatine does for your body?

To get effective results, you need the best creatine supplements or you might end up wasting your time, money and effort or you could even gain weight by investing in a product that isn’t tested. Creatine has a lot of functions in your body to help boost your workout performance such as;

Boost strength – Your muscle strength is boosted through the creatine so you can do harder and tougher workouts for longer without feeling too tired.

Higher energy levels – Creatine feeds your body so your energy levels will be spiked.  You will feel better while doing the workouts.

Increases glycogen levels – The glycogen causes your muscles to bulk up faster so you will feel more motivated when hitting the gym.

Increased metabolism – When you do sprint cardio training along with the use of creatine, your metabolism is boosted so your body can regulate weight much better.

Lose body fat – Creatine helps your body focus on muscular build and restores your metabolism so your body will focus on burning fat instead of muscle when you do cardio workouts.  You still have to eat healthy when using creatine but you don’t have to resolve to an extreme diet to lose weight.

Is creatine healthy?

Like any other health product, creatine also has some side effects to those with medical conditions and you need to consult with a medical professional before you start using them.  But all in all, creatine is one of the safest performance boosters on the market simply because it is a natural and not a hormonal treatment.  You can use creatine safely for up to five years as long as you stick to the recommended dosages and take note of your personal health.

A word of caution

Creatine can’t make you lose weight if you don’t work out.  It isn’t a diet supplement it is a sports supplement that will enhance your body’s natural capabilities so you can get better results from workouts.  If you use creatine on its own without working out you will definitely gain weight instead of losing it.

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