5 Ways to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Weight Loss Plateaus

A weight loss plateau is that period of time when the weight of your body remains unchanged or is at the same level. Weight loss can stagnate any time even if you stick to your diet and therefore you should not get stressed about it. Weight loss plateaus can take weeks and therefore you should not lose hope and give up on your diet.

Some people are disillusioned and others are frustrated when this happens but is the time when you are supposed to see your doctor for more advice. The tips below will also assist you to break through this kind of stagnation or plateaus.

Re-evaluate the intake of calories

To lose weight is not something easy and therefore you have to be keen sticking to your diet. As you lose weight, you are also supposed to decrease your metabolism. There are those people who have more weight and are eating more calories;this is bad for your healthy and even to your fitness. Therefore ensures that you re-evaluate your calorie intake by reducing its consumption and this will make you to burn less.

Calorie creep should be controlled

Most weight loss plateaus are caused by calorie creep. You could be eating more calories but you don’t realize and that is why it is advisable for you to see a doctor to advice you on your personal calorie intake. A decrease in metabolism will make weight loss easier and faster. How does calorie creep come about? It comes due to eating without thought, such as eating at restaurants where huge portions of food is served and also using condiments like spreads, sauces and dressings. Do not forget that fries are 400 calories for a small portion and also alcohol is on the ‘bad food’ list! The best thing for you to do is to track your food intake since this is the best way for you to use to improve your nutrition.visit this link for more detailed information.

Ensure you progress your body and never should you confuse it
Nutrition is the culprit as far as weight loss is concerned. The way you progress your workouts should not conflict with your diet because it may make it hard to lose fats. There are some exercise programs that may cause muscle confusion and such programs are very bad because they affect your health. Taking different workouts on the gym cannot affect your health or confuse your body on one way or the other.

Lifting heavy weights

Weight Loss Plateaus

It’s important for you to be a fan of lifting weights because this is a sure way to break through weight loss plateaus. Through weight loss you will be able to speed up losing fat. If you are not familiar to weight lifting ensure that you only carry light weights because you are a starter. This will help you to jack up your rate of metabolism.get latest news at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristin-kirkpatrick-ms-rd-ld/the-real-reasons-why-youve-hit-the-dreaded-weight-loss-plateau_b_9226336.html

Increase your cardio

How do you increase your cardio? Increasing cardio exercise is very important because it will assist you to break through weight loss plateaus. Before you increase cardio exercise it is important for you to know your daily caloric target.

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